Rotel presents new custom install amplifiers


Rotel announces its latest custom install amplifiers in their lineup: the C8 and C8+, both Class AB amplifiers.

Rotel’s new C8 and C8+ Class AB amplifiers feature 8 channels of high-quality multi-zone audio. The amplifiers are driven by an oversized, integrated toroidal transformer. As a result, according to the manufacturer, even the most demanding speakers in critical listening areas are served well.

Zone outputs connectable

The Rotel C8 Custom Install amplifier delivers 70 watts of power per channel at 4 ohms. The C8+ Custom Install amplifier delivers 150 watts of power per channel at 4 ohms. Zone outputs can be connected for an even higher output power per channel. The PA Override feature automatically detects and switches for optimal installation flexibility. Both models are equipped with four analog source inputs that can be used by all zone outputs through internal matrix switching. In addition, the volume, balance, bass and treble can also be adjusted separately. The C8+ features two optical and two coaxial digital inputs to support 24-bit/192 kHz audio with matrix linking to the outputs.

Rack mounts

The front panel of each amplifier features a graphical display with control buttons for a user-friendly setup and experience. These include selecting the active input source with matrix connection and instantly controlling the volume in each zone. The specially designed 2U high tech chassis requires no space at the top or bottom. It can be efficiently attached to a rack with the included rack mounts. The speaker outputs use detachable Phoenix connectors for pre-wired installation with worry-free, secure screw mechanisms. Ethernet, RS232 and 12V trigger connections allow for easy integration with popular control systems. Thus, these models can be integrated into virtually any system. The C8 and C8+ will be available in black from authorized Rotel outlets from July 2022. Recommended retail prices Rotel C8 Custom Installation amplifier: €2600 (AVP) Rotel C8+ Custom Installation Amplifier: €3200 (AVP)

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