Apple iPod is no more


The Apple iPod is no more. The manufacturer has announced it’s over and out for the music player. And that includes the iPod Touch, which has been waiting for a refresh for a long time.

The history of the Apple iPod is legendary. The first version of the device appeared on October 23, 2001, when mp3 players were becoming hot. According to Apple, most of the portable mp3 players of those days were clunky; too bulky and too big. For sure, the first iPod had an innovative and user friendly control element in the form of a ring, with all the necessary buttons on it. The monochrome display made navigating between tracks simple. Apple also introduced the iTunes Store in 2003, which started its own music sales and ushered in a new era. iPods appeared in many generations, with and without color screens, large and small. The iPod Touch is the most recent generation; it is effectively an iPhone without phone capabilities. The era of the separate music player is over at Apple, however, which is why the company announced that it was pulling the plug on the iPod. Existing stocks will still be sold, after that it’ll all be part of tech-history.

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