‘Apple testing USB-C on iPhones’


According to the rumor mill, Apple is busy testing USB-C iPhones, which seem to make Lightning a thing of the past.

Apple has had its own Lightning connector on iPhones and (some of the) iPads for quite a few years now. Mostly to the satisfaction of its users. It is now a proven extremely strong system, although Apple’s own standard cables are somewhat susceptible to wear and tear at the connectors. But there are plenty of cheaper and more robust alternatives. The fact that Apple now seems to be experimenting with USB-C probably has a lot to do with the new EU regulations, which require that only USB-C chargers and cables be brought into circulation. One can wonder, by the way, whether that makes much sense. Because for the past decade or so, almost every charger has been equipped with a USB-A connector into which you can basically plug any adapter cable you want.


USB-C, however, has advantages beyond just the form factor. As with the iPad Pros, Apple can significantly increase the throughput speed if desired and, in theory, opt for Thunderbolt for top-of-the-line iPhones, for example. Ideal for if you do a lot of filming and photography, or want to transfer lossless music: that’ll go super fast then. And of course, in the end there is nothing wrong with a standard. According to the same rumors, the first iPhones with USB-C should be released as early as next year – 2023.

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