D&D Audio announces SME Model 60

D&D Audio

Importer D&D Audio went to Steyning, England, where they were “treated” to the brand new Model 60 from SME.

‘News from SME is always front page news. This is partly because there aren’t daily updates from England. But also because it’s always worth it when there’s something to report. Today is no different, because SME has unveiled the Model 60′, D&D Audio writes in an extensive report of the factory visit to SME. Added bonus in the form of the announcement regarding the birth of a new turntable.

New machines and equipment

’Last month our team was invited to Steyning, the home of SME. This was not without reason, as the English turntable manufacturer – which represents the analog branch of D&D Audio together with German Clearaudio – presented us with a brand new turntable there. Moreover, a factory visit to SME was once again by no means a punishment, as new owner Ajay Shirke has invested significantly in the brand, including new CNC machines, a brand new state-of-the-art plating facility and a new tolerance measurement system that provides even greater machining tolerances than the already legendary SME precision. ‘We’d love to take you to Sussex for a first look behind the scenes,’ D&D Audio begins the report. You can read the rest of it here, on the D&D Audio site itself.

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