Driade presents Premium 2S


Driade is releasing the Premium 2S floor standers, the manufacturer says they’re “a worthy successor to the renowned Model 2.

‘After being voted out as a class leader by trade magazines and consumers over a period of 5 years (see reviews here), the Model 2S has been given an improved carbon-paper cone, all coils are now impregnated and baked with a polymolecular kerosene and manufactured to specification for Driade. In addition, the resistors are non-inductive. ‘Each pair of Driade’s has an acoustic accuracy within 1%’, we read in the announcement of the newcomers.

Highly accurate hardwired filters

Driade further reports that the hand-built hardwired filters have an accuracy of 0.1%. For the internal cabling, of course, Driade’s own Flow 405 was chosen. This handmade Dutch product is built entirely with Northern European components. ‘The real wood veneers glued to high-quality MDF both inside and out, the top and bottom plate made of solid wood and the various cross bracing, guarantee great stability. The original, timeless shape without any parallel walls has remained and results in an uncolored, deep reaching bass response and a very high load capacity,’ says the manufacturer.

Nice introductory offer

Like the brand’s other speakers, the new speaker is easy to drive. The Driade 2S is available in several real wood veneers and lacquered colors. Acoustically optimized fronts are available as an option. The aluminum round feet are available in clear and black anodized. As an introduction, the more expensive Teak and Walnut veneers are supplied at the standard White Washed Oak price of €4,995 per pair. For more information, please visit the manufacturer’s website.

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