HiFi Rose RA180: looks to die for

HiFi Rose

The HiFi Rose RA180 is a Korean-made integrated amplifier, and its designers got everything out in terms of design.

There’s no getting around it: the look of the HiFi Rose RA 180 is special. And if it gives you a kind of déjà vu at the same time, then that’s correct. The design is somewhat reminiscent of classic Nagra equipment. Furthermore, this is the first amplifier from the Korean brand. There is clearly a lot of attention paid to controls, physical ones that is. Switches, dials, even a slide control: it’s all there. On the back you will find a lot of connections, including 8 speaker terminals. Also special is the class AD amplifier circuit, where Gallium Nitride FETs are used. You will have to pay £5499 for the HiFi Rose RA180 to make one yours.

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