High End Audio 2022 – Dali

Danish speaker manufacturer Dali is showing off a new flagship: the colossal Kore speaker. They themselves don’t know exactly how heavy it is, but with packaging they came up with 245kg. That’s impressive!

Dali stays true to their principles. The speaker pairs a large soft dome theater with a ribbon tweeter, a specific feature of Dali. For the midtone speakers and woofers, they stay true to wood pulp. The coating has been modified, however, to maintain enough stiffness on the much larger surfaces of the speakers without sacrificing speed. New, strong magnets have been developed for the woofers and midtone speakers.

The design of the Kore is aimed at remaining fast and nimble sounding and easy to drive for amplifiers. The result is a mighty speaker that reproduces all music with the greatest of ease, packs a huge punch, but still clearly has the Dali signature. It is literally the largest Dali family member.

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