High End Munich 2022 – Daniel Weiss

At high-end Munich 2022, we also caught up with Daniel Weiss. Well known for his dacs and not to mention impressive soundbar (Livebox) that we heard at the 2019 edition of High End Munich. This time Daniel stands with a series of OEM products. Interesting!

On the table are a number of products. Think of a custom op-amp, a dac board with ‘upsampler’, the control of the live box and an active amplifier module with three channels. the custom op-amp and the dac board are fairly self-explanatory.

The live-box hardware makes it possible to drive a soundbar – or a set of active speakers – yourself using the advanced dsp technology from Weiss (and partners, as PSI and Illusonic are also collaborating on this project). The active amplifier module is a three-channel amplifier with dsp that distributes the signal to three Purifi eigentakt modules.

The eigentakt amps have been kept fairly standard. The DSP is of course by Weiss. Inputs and outputs are switchable and can be either digital or analog, depending on requirements. The nice thing about Weiss’ OEM products is that parties can now implement high-quality products from an industry ‘guru’ relatively easily. What will it cost them? No idea. Prices are – unfortunately – unknown to us.


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