High End Munich 2022 – Dynaudio

Dynaudio presents the new ‘Focus’ series of speakers. They are active speakers, WISA compliant, with every conceivable streaming capability built into the speaker.

You just need a pair of speakers. Nope… you don’t even need a WISA hub. But it is possible to connect the speakers to WISA dongles, so the sound from the TV goes over the speakers, without problems with the synchronization of image and sound. So, if you prefer to use a WISA hub, such as a Primare WISA preamplifier, then that is possible.

Dynaudio has put a lot of work into making the system as user-friendly as possible. For example: the speakers come ‘paired’ from the factory. So you can use them right out of the box. When you put the speaker front on, it is registered and the digital sound processing of the speaker is adjusted so that the minimal effect of a front on the sound is corrected. Neat feature!

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