LG HU915QE ultra short throw laserprojector


Interested in a projector, but preferably one that doesn’t have to stand on a tripod or hang from the ceiling? Then the LG HU915QE is the solution for you!

Short, shorter, shortest. The new LG HU915QE is an ultra short throw (UST) 4K laser projector that only needs to be 18.3 cm from the wall (or projection screen) to project a 120 inch image. The 3700 lumen “strong” projector features LG’s proprietary Brightness Optimizer II, which should deliver a bright image in broad daylight. HDR is also supported, so you immediately have all possible modern gadgets at your disposal. A nice detail is that the entire projector is encased in a fabric from Danish manufacturer Kvadrat, made from 45% recycled wool. And that in turn should ensure that the HU915QE fits in nicely in just about any interior.


The projector supports various streaming services like Netflix, Disney+ and Apple TV, but you can also stream via Apple AirPlay 2. Bluetooth is part of the deal too. Sound is provided by a built-in 2.2-channel system with an output of 40 watts total. By adding one or two Bluetooth speakers you can create a surround setup. There is no official price yet, but at various places webshops take preorders for $5996.

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