Monitor Audio celebrates 50th anniversary

Monitor Audio

Monitor Audio has been around for 50 years, and the world – if it’s up to the manufacturer – shall know this. You can also buy yourself a souvenir.

Monitor Audio has released the ’50th Anniversary Silver 100 Limited Edition’ loudspeaker in celebration of its 50th anniversary. This special version of the already seventh edition of the Silver 100 is finished in the color ‘heritage green’ and equipped with an anodized gold C-Cam bass driver. Furthermore, the anniversary speaker features a unique identification number on the back. Only 720 copies will be produced worldwide and a certificate of authenticity is included.

New product launch

Monitor Audio is of course also present at the High End Munich which starts this week. There a special and brand new product will also be launched. What it is exactly, the manufacturer doesn’t want to tell yet, but they do let us know that they’ve been working on it for 24 months.

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