Onkyo bankrupt, but you won’t notice


Onkyo has filed for bankruptcy, bringing an “end” to 80 years of history. Still, as a consumer, you’re not going to notice much.

Although Onkyo has filed for bankruptcy there is little change for you as a consumer. Although the rumors have been swirling around for the past few days, to the outside world it seems to be business as usual. Warranties and repairs will continue as usual, while new equipment from the brand will also continue to appear. And that’s because Onkyo was already acquired by VOXX and Sharp towards the end of last year. So, in fact, it can be said that this is a legal construction to rid the company of ‘burdens of the past’. This is not uncommon in this type of business. For the time being, the plan is that new products will continue to appear under the brand name. In short: no major changes are to be expected as yet.

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