Pro-Ject Metallica turntable


Metallica fan? Then look no further for a record player, but quickly get this very special Pro-Ject Metallica player!

Pro-Ject regularly releases limited, special editions of record players. The new Metallica edition is a striking example. Away with the traditional design, this just looks like and breathes heavy metal. Beneath the fierce exterior, you’ll find a belt-driven turntable. A record is placed on a Diamond Cut turntable. The ‘Metallica’ features electronic speed control and an S-shaped tone arm. It’s ready to play, equipped with a Pick it S2 C element. Which is based on Ortofon’s legendary Concorde element. But in case you’d like, it’s replaceable! Metallica tweeted about the soon-to-be newborn, and that tweet was relayed by Pro-Ject (see screenshot at top) On the manufacturer’s website, the player isn’t mentioned yet.

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