Steinway Lyngdorf Marine for the boat

Steinway Lyndorf

Boat owner? Then you can mount a set of Steinway Lyngdorf Marine speakers on it, in case you can’t stand the silence of nature.

In principle, you spend time on your boat or yacht for peace and quietness. Some people, however, think differently and see their tub mainly as a platform on which to celebrate and make noise. For them decent “marine-graded” speakers are indispensable. The Steinway Lyngdorf Marine speakers come in handy then, because they are specially designed for that purpose. According to the manufacturer, however, they are also great for more down-to-earth applications like the terrace or the swimming pool. They are IP65 certified and deliver – according to Steinway Lyngdorf – ‘high-end’ sound quality. You’ll find two 8-inch bass drivers in them, plus two 10-inch passive radios on the back. Then there is a 6.5 inch midrange driver and an Air Motion tweeter to complete the picture. Available from the second quarter of this year.

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