Vertere Acoustics new Silencer feet

Vertere Acoustics

Vertere Acoustics presents new Silencer “support pods” – common people can call them ‘feet’ – for stable noiseless music.

The new Vertere Acoustics Silencer feet (let’s call them like that) are available immediately. They’re intended for placement on ISO shelves, under a record player. The Silencers, fitted with distinctive half-spheres, are available immediately at a cost of £895 for three pieces. Or grab four for £1195. According to the manufacturer, the Silencers should guarantee a better stereo image, a reduction in background noise and improved LF resolution. As an extra, the silencers can also be used to slightly adjust the height of a turntable placed on top of them. For that purpose, you get 5 mm of adjustable ‘clearance’.

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