YN Audio distributor of Signal Projects

YN Audio

YN Audio is going to handle the distribution of the Greek Signal Projects, and is obviously very excited about it.

The team behind Greek Signal Projects has – YN Audio reports – a huge passion for music and a background in the recording studio: ‘They quickly came to the conclusion there, that often huge amounts of money are spent on equipment that is then connected with cables of mediocre quality. The distortion of the signal through those leads to what they consider to be an unsatisfactory end result. An unrealistic reproduction that lacks things like emotion, dynamics and impact’.

Better connections

YN Audio continues: ‘Fuelled by the idea that better connections between equipment would improve the quality and fidelity of the end result of studio work, they started developing and producing high quality cables for music studios. They also realized that there was a huge opportunity in the field of high-end audio. Signal Projects was born and has set itself the goal of manufacturing superior quality cables that help to reproduce the music with higher accuracy and bring the listener closer to the original event.

No detail should be missing

‘Music reproduction must be realistic with the right tonal richness, balance and dynamics. No detail should be missing or added and the listener should be able to relive the original event. The cables must be able to get the most out of the equipment. With their advanced designs, effective insulation, mix of highly pure metals (the hybrid cables consist of Copper, Silver and Gold), implementation of advanced shielding techniques and their superior construction, Signal Projects cables are the ideal connection between high-end components, within any price range. The truth and the complete truth,’ said the brand new distributor.

Some quotes from a recent review by Hifi Advice of the Signal Projects Lynx and Apollon Interlink:

“With its seductive reproduction and suprieure finesse, the Apollon made a very convincing impression”

“the Apollon offers the deepest, most 3D image I have heard in my system to date”

“In the right system, the Apollon delivers a tremendously seductive sound like no other cable”

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