Apple iPhone 14, delivery problems expected


It hasn’t even been announced yet, but by now several insiders are already predicting delivery problems of the Apple iPhone 14.

The launch of a new iPhone is always interesting. Because of speed and especially the Apple-developed SoC (which includes CPUs, GPUs, neuroprocessor and more) they remain trendsetting. Yet we do see a slight decline in demand (and that is not only true for iPhones, but also for Android devices). Partly this has to do with Covid, lost revenues, inflation and so on. But the cause can certainly also be sought in something that we have known for a long time now with the traditional PC: the ‘speed- and feature curves’ have flattened out a bit. By this we mean that even the iPhone from one or even more generations ago is more than fast enough for most users. Camera hardware is also above average. In short: the feeling that you can achieve enormous speed and feature gains by switching has become a lot less.

Lockdowns in China

In addition, the situation in China is simply not good as far as Covid is concerned. Heavy lockdowns ensure that large factories that assemble chips, components and complete devices on a rather regularly base come to a grinding stop. And that, according to various insiders, is going to cause troubles for the iPhone 14. In practice, it will not be too bad, knowing Apple. The iPhone 12, for example, suffered greatly from the first Covid lockdowns in China. As a result, the phone was released a month later than expected. Oh well, we can live with that, can’t we?

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