Auro 3D files for bankruptcy

Auro 3D

The company behind the Auro 3D surround sound has filed for bankruptcy. This does not necessarily mean the end of the business though. To prevent greater misery, Auro has filed for bankruptcy. The Belgian company was forced to do so after a blown off deal with a potential investor. A bankruptcy may still offer opportunities for a relaunch. Auro got into trouble due to an accumulation of troubles. First there was the Covid pandemic, which was seamlessly followed (overlapped) by global chip shortages. The Auro 3D sound format was conceived in 2005 by Wilfried van Baelen, who along with Guy van Baelen are the owners and founders of the company. The Belgians, by the way, introduced the height channel a year before Dolby Atmos conquered the skies in cinemas.

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