dCS presents the Lina micro-series


dCS presents the Lina series, if you’d purchase all three components in it you got yourself a nice high-end micro-set.

The new Lina Series from dCS consists of a headphone amplifier, Network DAC and a Master Clock. No power amplifier – in traditional sense – for the time being, but who knows what will come out one day! The headphone amplifier – like the other components, by the way – is designed and handmade in the UK. According to the manufacturer, the solid state amplifier can drive a range of headphones, always achieving optimal performance. This is partly due to the low output impedance that also does justice to the highly sensitive headphones. Internally, the amplifier is set up as a class AB design. The price tag attached to the dCS Lina Headphone Amplifier shows an amount of €10,250.

Streamer and clock

Once you have the basis in the form of the above mentioned headphone amplifier, it is tempting to also invest in the dCS Lina Network DAC. This is an extensive streamer-DAC, which includes support for well-known music services as TIDAL, Qobuz, Deezer and Spotify. Also Roon, AirPlay and others are no problem. Obviously, the in-house dCS Ring DAC is the basis for the streamer. Practical is the patented dCS Expanse technique, which – when listening via headphones, there they are again – should provide a more natural sounding and immersive listening experience. This component costs €14,350. Finally, there is the Lina Master Clock. It uses two crystals to generate an extremely accurate and stable clock signal, according to the manufacturer. Away with jitter and other irregularities! This third and, for the time being, last part of the series costs €8250. The whole set together clocks in at €32,850. Which means that it is something for true enthusiasts, or as the manufacturer describes the target group itself: connoisseurs.

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