IsoTek V5 Elektra netfilter


IsoTek released a new mains filter; the V5 Elektra features six outputs while expanding is an option.

According to IsoTek, the new V5 Elektra mains filter is intended as an entry-level model. Whether that is entirely evident from the €1599 price tag, we wisely leave in the middle. Regardless, the V5 Elektra features six outputs, two of which are high-power ones. The first four are intended for devices such as CD players, streamers and so on. On the two high power outputs you can connect power hungry devices like a power amplifier. A nice detail of the IsoTek V5 Elektra is the possibility to expand. A special system link connection is available for this purpose. The advantage of expanding via this way is that you maintain a central grounding point. At the time of writing the device is missing from the manufacturer’s site, but it will surely appear there soon.

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