Marshall presents new Bluetooth speakers


It’s (almost) summer and so it’s time for new Bluetooth speakers, Marshall must have thought, as they are announcing three new ones to the world.

Marshall presents three new Bluetooth speakers, from small to large. All three have outward-facing tweeters, which should guarantee a wider soundstage. The ‘Marshall signature’-sound is also further fine-tuned, which should lead to even more expansion. Furthermore, Dynamic Loudness is provided, which, according to the manufacturer, leads to sufficient bass at all volumes. On the speakers you will also find, among other things, buttons for bass and treble control.

Something for everyone

The largest speaker in the series is the Woburn III at € 569, with a 90 Watt Class D power amplifier for its bass section, 2 x 15 Watt Class D for mid and 2 x 15 Watt Class D for high. Practical is the HDMI input, so you can put this speaker permanently under the TV (7.45 kg is perhaps just a bit too heavy to carry everywhere). The Stanmore III at €369 is the middle man, with class D amplifiers of 50 watts, 2 x 15 watts and another 2 x 15 watts on board. The smallest Action III changes hands for €269.

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