McIntosh MR89 AM/FM tuner


McIntosh presents the new MR89 AM/FM tuner, without DAB+, a notable absence for Europeans in particular.

As a European user, you may wonder whether it’s worth to spend some $8300 dollars on a pure AM/FM tuner. After all, in our region – the situation is different in the US, for example – analog radio is being phased out quickly or relatively quickly, depending on the country. On AM in most countries around here, there is already virtually nothing to be experienced. The FM band too will eventually become quiet. In the Netherlands, FM can only be received via an antenna; cable companies no longer distribute analog radio. No drama in itself, as the quality of the signals picked up from the air is usually better than what the cable company offers.

The choice is yours, as always

Anyway, if you are fond of analogue radio and an audiophile, you may well enjoy the new McIntosh MR89 for a few years to come. The supplied antenna is quickly installed. You may also consider to climb on the roof again and place a ‘real’ outside antenna.

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