QLED, but then really on the way?


Normally, QLEDs are not used as separate pixels in “QLED” TVs, but that may finally be about to change.

QLEDS or Quantum LEDs were announced, everyone saw a golden future for them in TV screens. This is because this type of LED is simply “chemical” and not organic in structure like the OLED. Which means they have a much longer lifespan, which is always a big plus. And that with at least the same light output and contrast ratios as OLEDs. Oddly enough, those true QLED displays just didn’t get off the ground. Instead, Quantum LED TVs are sold that do not have these components incorporated in the screen as actual pixels at all. In fact, everything now sold under that banner has a layer of QLEDs placed between backlight and traditional LCD, to increase local contrast.

Easy and cheap

There is hope, however: the Chinese manufacturer BOE (here an English part of the otherwise virtually Chinese site) has developed an 8K AMQLED display that is based on real QLEDs placed on the screen. The manufacturer says that the lifespan of this screen is significantly longer than that of OLED panels. Everything can be produced with an inkjet printer, which makes it easy and cheap to manufacture. So finally that breakthrough everyone is waiting for…?

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