Roberts Revival Uno BT radio


Roberts has long been known as the brand of radios (and more) with retro looks, including this brand new Revival Uno BT, equipped with DAB+ and FM tuner.

Looking for a nice little travel radio? Then this Roberts Revival Uno BT is a classy looking option. No doubt it’ll do well on, say, your rowing boat or during a more upscale picnic. The device has a DAB, DAB + and FM tuner onboard. So it would be very strange if you can’t receive anything in terms of entertainment or information. At the same time, Bluetooth has been implemented too. It means that you can play your own music collection on it from your smartphone, for example. Or stream via your music service, whatever you want. The fact that this Roberts is also available in royal dark green may have everything to do with the fact that the manufacturer may call itself Royal. The Revival Uno BT can be used for both stationary use at home – think of the bedroom – or on the road. In the latter case the unit runs on 4 AA batteries. The radio, which is available in various colors, costs €229.

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