Sennheiser TV Clear, in-ears for tv


As the name probably suggests, the Sennheiser TV Clear is designed specifically for use along with a television.

The Sennheiser TV Clear is actually a set, consisting of in-ears and a transmitter. The transmitter is connected to the TV and transmits the sound wirelessly and low-latency to the earphones. If you want, you can also pair the in-ears with more traditional devices like a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. However, the system is optimized for TV sound. For example, it has five speech enhancement modes, which should make dialogues easier to understand. If you are watching TV with several people who are also using a set of TV Clear in-ears, then everyone can set the volume individually. Through the accompanying app, you can further personalize the sound as desired. The in-ears work for 15 hours on a full charge and can be recharged via the charging case. The Sennheiser TV Clear costs €399.90

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