TP Vision Live – Berlin Edition 2022

TP Vision

TP Vision announces TP Vision Live – Berlin Edition 2022, where you can expect, among other things, the introduction of the latest Philips TV & Sound products.

TP Vision, licensee of Philips TV & Sound brands, announces a new, hybrid format of the TP Vision Live event. This year it will be held in Berlin. The event will take place both live in Berlin and online for press and retail partners between August 31 and September 5. The Berlin edition will focus on the advances in product design and sustainability of the latest Philips TV & Sound products as supplied by the company.

First new style edition

TP Vision Live – Berlin Edition 2022 in Berlin is the first edition of a new, hybrid event that combines physical meetings with ongoing online activities. The event will kick off on August 31 with an international press conference. Held both online and live in Berlin by the company’s CEO, Kostas Vouzas. In addition, special guest speakers will be on hand to reveal more details about current and new partnerships and projects, the manufacturer announced. The press conference will be followed by a number of live and online workshops on key Philips TV & Sound topics. These can be followed exclusively by invited media, and later also for retail partners. TP Vision Live – Berlin Edition 2022 also gives the manufacturer the opportunity to celebrate the 10th anniversary of its successful business partnership with Royal Philips.

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