Bluetooth LE on the way

Bluetooth LE

Bluetooth LE does away with of some of the shortcomings of the previous versions, including better sound quality.

The standard A2DP sound profile of various generations of Bluetooth is nothing to write home about. Even a non-audiophile can easily hear the shortcomings. Bluetooth LE (Low Energy), the latest version of the wireless protocol has a new standard audio profile on board: LC3. This is still a lossy codec, but one that has been adapted a bit more to modern times. For example, a speed of 192 kbps is supported, which is significantly higher than the old A2DP system. Also, the delay should be much less: from 100 ms to 10 ms. Other news is the ability to link a large number of clients to a source via Auracast. This allows anyone who wants to listen to TV sound in the waiting room, for example, without disturbing others. Since the new Bluetooth LE standard was just published, it will take some time before it is widely available.

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