Cleaning LPs: distilled water and fingers


Sometimes you come across some pretty nice tips here or there on the Internet. Take the one from seasoned Steve Guttenberg regarding cleaning LPs. Saves a lot of money!

There are special machines for cleaning LPs (and of course other formats of vinyl), like this one. Of course that works fine, nothing wrong with these. Only: such a machine and the special soaps needed will eventually become costly. In the past, we used to do things differently and in a more practical way at, say, a radio station. Just rinse it under the tap, sometimes after having spent some time in lukewarm water with dishwasher soap. The LP then, that is. Worked fine, actually. Steve Guttenberg ,in his piece on cleaning vinyl, recommends using distilled water. There’s something to be said for that and a jug of this stuff won’t cost you a fortune, of course. Just rinse without even the soapy water and rub a little with your finger. That’s it. Especially if you have a lot of vinyl in your home a tip time can save a lot of money (and time).

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