Dirac and Dolby together in cars


Cars with Dirac audio and Dolby Atmos on board will appear on the European market before the end of this year, an interesting couple.

Sweden’s Dirac and Dolby have partnered to create an immersive audio experience on wheels. Interestingly, both companies’ approach to audio on wheels is slightly different. Dirac opts for the DSP as a basis, while Dolby goes for a multi-channel basis, where each instrument and voice basically gets its own channel. And that, in part due to Dolby Atmos, can then be “placed” anywhere in a three-dimensional space. Both manufacturers say that the technologies used by each are a beautiful and compatible complement to each other. The first car with a ‘symbiotic’ sound system on board will be launched in Europe later this year. To be precise, it is the NIO ET7, an electric vehicle.

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