EPOS introduces the EXPAND Vision 5


EPOS is introducing the new EXPAND Vision 5 at ISE: a video bar with powerful speakers and a wide-angle lens.

Taking a look at what’s going on in the professional AV sector is always nice to step out of the traditional high-end and hi-fi bubble. And thus to broaden the field of vision. In short, we take a look at the EPOS EXPAND Vision 5. According to the manufacturer, it was developed to help professionals in new work situations collaborate optimally and to make conversations run more smoothly.


‘The EXPAND Vision 5 is an advanced video bar with powerful speakers, a 4K camera with wide-angle lens, noise-cancelling microphones and computers, which together form a unique all-in-one video conferencing solution for small meeting rooms. The intelligent picture framing with EPOS AI adjusts so that everyone in the room can be clearly seen during the conversation. The microphones also pick up voices quickly, minimizing problems caused by poor acoustics,’ EPOS reveals.


Flexible mounting options make the device easy to install, remotely manage and update via EPOS Manager. The EPOS EXPAND Vision 5 is certified for leading UC solutions such as Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android (with EXPAND Control), RingCentral Rooms and Zoom Rooms. With the push of a button, ‘everyone can have stress-free meetings’.

Intuitive setup

Unfortunately, it’s all too common for meetings to drag on because multiple devices need to be connected, managed and updated. With the EXPAND Vision 5, participants only need to press the remote, touch the screen or the EXPAND Control once to join a meeting. The EXPAND Vision 5 can be connected to a PC or Mac with a USB cable.

Use with EXPAND Control – One tablet, two functions

The EXPAND Vision 5 can be used with the EXPAND Control tablet. That tablet has dual functionality: it serves as a meeting room controller, to join meetings, adjust call settings or share content, but also as a configuration screen, to book meeting rooms, check room availability and view meeting info.

‘Video meetings need to run smoothly’

Theis Mørk, VP Product Manager at EPOS: “We believe that employees should have meeting room solutions that help them perform better and reduce their cognitive overload, especially if they are meeting for hours, day in and day out. Video meetings should run smoothly, without distractions or hassles of technical solutions that are not in sync. We are shaping that vision with the introduction of the EXPAND Vision 5 and EXPAND Control. The product is designed so that it takes less energy to hold meetings, and yet in addition to that, it is above all user-friendly, reliable and sustainable”.

EPOS Meeting Room Solutions

Research by EPOS shows that 95% of modern workers struggle to concentrate and function effectively in hybrid meetings. That’s why EPOS is introducing dedicated meeting room solutions. They are designed so that users can more easily sustain a meeting and for optimal performance, both for the people in the meeting room and for the colleagues who dial in.

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