LHY SW-8 network switch


The new LHY SW-8 network switch is specifically designed for audiophile applications and based on the Linksys LGS108.

That a switch optimized specifically for audio applications can have a positive impact on streamed audio is a fact. Of course that intended effect depends on a range of other factors: cabling, quality of the other equipment in the chain and so on. Only when these factors properly chosen, it becomes interesting to ‘fine tune’ network communication. This is where the new LHY SW-8 gigabit network switch comes in handy. It is equipped with a range of improvements compared to a regular switch. Among other things, the power supply has been firmly optimized for audio, and – for example – Philips 1% resistors are used. Also, the standard crystal has been replaced with an SC-CUT oven controlled oscillator with ultra low-noise PLL. The LHY SW-8 costs $594.

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