Nura NuraTrue Pro lossless in-ears


Australia’s Nura is trying to raise money for development of the NuraTrue Pro in-ear via a Kickstarter campaign.

As the basis for the NuraTrue Pro, manufacturer Nura plans to use Qualcomm’s aptX Losless. This allows for wireless, bit-for-bit lossless transfer quality. With the only caveat that the maximum quality is “only” 16 bit / 44.1 kHz. Known as CD quality too. But that’s still better than most other compression methods in use (and lossy ones too) of course. Furthermore, the intended NuraTrue Pros can handle aptX Adaptive/Classic. This allows lossy resolutions up to and including 24-bit / 96 kHz.


The new Nura in-ears should also have the characteristic personalized Nura sound, plus ANC and spatial sound from Dirac Virtuo. The aforementioned Kickstarter campaign is still running and has already far exceeded its intended goal. Bottom line: those in-ears are coming, sometime this fall, at a cost of $329.

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