Pro-Ject Power Box RS2 Phono


The Pro-Ject Power Box RS2 Phono is a handy power supply that can power both a turntable and a phono preamp (or other combinations as well, the choice is yours).

Especially in the case of turntables, space is at a premium. After all, it’s often not just the turntable, but also its power supply and a separate phono preamp that need to find a place. Of course: if you have an integrated amplifier with a phono input, there is no need for the latter. And also the power supply could be omitted if you choose a turntable with built-in power supply. But with the more high-end ones, the trend is often towards separate components. In that case, the Pro-Ject Power Box RS2 Phono is the solution. It allows you to power two devices at the same time. In most cases, this will be a turntable and its associated phono preamplifier. The output of the power supply is 2 x 15 volts DC. This Pro-Ject power supply will cost you €899. On the site itself at the time of writing there is nothing to be found of the newcomer, but we found an announcement at the German fairaudio.

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