PSB Speakers Passif 50 anniversary speaker

PSB Speakers

We’ve already written it on a regular basis, but: retro is hip. And so PSB Speakers released the nicely retro designed Passif 50.

The 50th anniversary of the Canadian PSB Speakers has to be celebrated, of course! The milestone is crowned with the Passif 50 Anniversary Edition speaker. This is a tribute to the Passif II which dates back to 1974. The new Passif 50 also radiates the seventies, via the era-defining walnut veneer, for example. But also the cloth attached with magnets to the front. And of course the feet. All in all, these speakers evoke nostalgic feelings. They will match perfectly with, for example, hipsters with a retro interior, but they undoubtedly also feel at home in a modern setting. A nice detail is the retro logo from the early years of PSB Speakers. Obviously, only the appearance is retro, for the rest modern technology is used. Think of the titanium tweeter with Ferrofluid damping, a modern woofer and a passive radiator. The speakers are optionally bi-wirable/bi-ampable. Cost: €2999.

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