Samsung pauses purchase of LCD panels


Samsung has temporarily paused purchases of LCD panels, following disappointing demand for televisions.

The demand for new televisions seems to be somewhat disappointing. Hence, Samsung has temporarily halted the purchase of LCD panels. This is because its stock of unsold TVs is large and so it needs to get rid of that first. According to insiders, the manufacturer has a current stock for about 16 weeks. What possibly plays a role too, regarding the collapsed sales is Covid. When the pandemic was at its (provisional?) peak, many people bought a new television. This obviously means that the need for yet another fresh set is not particularly high at the moment. The global economic malaise will undoubtedly also play a role. And perhaps the switch to Micro-LEDs and OLEDs announced by Samsung itself is a factor too. Last month the company was already confronted with a disappointing demand for smartphones, which led to stocks of no less than 50 million devices.

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