Sendy Audio Peacock Black

Sendy Peacock

Not only is the color – black – new for the Sendy Audio Peackock Black, but some technical improvements have also been made.

The Sendy Audio Peacock Black is a magnetostatic headphone. It builds on the ‘ordinary’ Peacock that was released two years ago. Apart from the color, new according to the manufacturer is an extended range of the higher frequencies to a max of 40 kHz. The color black will also be appreciated by many people. Until now the headphones were only available in a perhaps for many people somewhat too flashy gold. The Sendy Audio Peacock Black comes with a high quality symmetrical audio cable, adapters for connecting to a 4-pin XLR and 6.3 mm stereo connector, bag and leather carrying case. All together for a price of €1599.

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