Adidas headphones with solar charger


Actually quite a clever idea, this one of Adidas. They have incorporated solar panels into the headband of their new RPT-02 Sol!

One of the more annoying things – for music lovers – is being confronted with empty headphones batteries at an unexpected moment. For outdoor activities this is even more annoying, because then there is usually no outlet nearby. This is where the new Adidas RPT-02 Sol comes in handy. The headband incorporates solar panels in the form of Powerfoyle. The latter is an invention of the Swedish company Exeger. The nice thing is that Powerfoyle gets energy from both sun and artificial light. This means that the charging function also works inside the gym. As long as the light there is on.

80 hours of play time

When fully charged, the built-in battery provides up to 80 hours of playing time. So it must be very exceptional if you end up with this Adidas – aimed at sports enthusiasts – flat on the road. You can check the charging and battery status via an app. The IPX4 splash and sweat resistant Adidas RPT-02 Sol costs €230.

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