AM Clean Sound Keith Haring accessories

AM Clean Sound

Vinyl lovers who are also mesmerized by Keith Haring’s art can indulge themselves in the new AM Clean Sound accessories.

Vinyl can rejoice with a host of hardcore fans. Whether this unbridled love is completely justified, is a question we wisely will not answer. After all, listen to what gives you the most listening pleasure we’d say. Nevertheless, vinyl also has its disadvantages. According to the fans, it’s all part of the ‘ritual’, but dust is still annoying. Besides wear and tear – which are permanent – dust and dirt are the greatest enemies of any piece of vinyl and its player. That’s why there has been a pile of cleaning aids available for decades alreaydy. For example the ones from AM Clean Sound’s range of products. They have put together a matching kit of the most essential cleaning tools. And all provided with a nice piece of artwork by Keith Haring. The kit includes a vinyl brush and cleaning kit. Or go for a carrying case, record weight or an anti-static record mat, for example. You can choose from several sets, prices are between a reasonable €20 and €80.

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