ATC founder Billy Woodman passed away


The legendary founder of the equally legendary loudspeaker manufacturer ATC has passed away, so has been announced.

The ground on which we call ATC legendary isn’t based on thin air. Jazz pianist and engineer Billy Woodman founded ATC in 1974. In just 20 years, he managed to turn his company into a true legend. You’ll find the brand’s speakers in virtually every Hollywood sound system, in hundreds of recording studios, theaters of name and fame as well as radio and TV studios around the world. Woodman was born in Castlemaine in the heart of the Australian province of Victoria in 1946. At the time, a sleepy ex-gold mining town where mostly pensionados with agricultural backgrounds lived. Fortunately, nearby was the University of Bendigo, where Woodman studied engineering. In fact, his first love was music, but his parents had no money for an education in that direction. Hence the choice for an alternative. Nevertheless, he had been playing the piano since he was ten and in his teens he fell in love with jazz music. Eventually the love for music and a technical background fell together like pieces of a puzzle. The result is ATC. Billy Woodman was 76 years old.


Below is the full text of the obituary that his son sent into the world:

I am extremely sad to announce the death of my Dad, ATC’s founder and owner, Billy Woodman.

Dad passed away peacefully surrounded by his family on 21 July 2022, aged 76 years old. Although Dad had suffered with a number of health issues over the years, he had always defied the odds and recovered, his death has been a shock to us all.

Dad founded ATC almost five decades ago. His principles, philosophies, and absolute commitment to achieving engineering excellence are the foundation on which ATC is built. At the heart of this was outstanding transducer design and engineering that focused on achieving the best sound reproduction possible.

Dad’s emphasis on running ATC as a family business has remained and under his leadership and guiding hand, we have ensured that ATC has continued to grow and succeed with the constant support of fellow Director and lifelong friend, Bob Polley.

Dad was an extraordinary man, not only gifted as an engineer but also as a jazz pianist and undertook exquisite restorations of vintage cars. He was truly an exceptional man in every aspect of his life. He was one of life’s true gentleman and leaves a remarkable legacy. He inspired many, not least me, in how he led his life, always with courage, kindness and generosity.

The loss of my Dad is profoundly felt by not just me, my darling mum, Mumble, his grandchildren, his family, and friends, but the entire ATC family that he created and very much loved.

My family would appreciate some privacy during this incredibly difficult time.

Yours Sincerely,

Will Woodman
Managing Director
Loudspeaker Technology Ltd

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