Aune X8 XVIII Magic DAC


The new Aune X8 XVIII Magic DAC features a USB connection and there is the choice between a version with or without Bluetooth. The latter obviously allows for wireless streaming.

Aune presents the new X8 XVIII Magic DAC, a USB DAC, for example perfectly suitable to be used in combination with a laptop or PC. You can level up the standard sound of those devices, without it costing you an arm and a leg. Interesting detail: the opamps that provide the output signal are accessible through a cover at the bottom of the device. This allows you to do some tuning yourself by replacing these parts with something even better. Furthermore, variable symmetrical TRS outputs are provided. This allows the Aune X8 XVIII Magic DAC to be used as a source for symmetrical amplifiers or active speakers with XLR connection. The line output runs through the well-known RCA connectors; here you can choose from a fixed value or regulated value. Through seven adjustable filters you can adjust the sound to your liking. The FPGA that is used as the beating heart calculates all with pleasure. Via the USB input a resolution of up to 32 bit at 768 kHz is possible, or DSD up to DSD512. Via the digital coax input up to 24 bit / 384 kHz and DoP128 are possible.

With or without Bluetooth

If you also want to connect Bluetooth sources, then go for the Bluetooth variant of the Aune X8 XVIII Magic DAC. In that case, you get access to a Bluetooth module. It supports all common codecs such as AAC, aptX HD and LDAC. Wondering where the name of the device comes from? It was chosen to mark the 18th anniversary of Aune. For the ‘regular’ X8 XVIII Magic DAC without Bluetooth you’ll have to pay €299; the variant with Bluetooth costs €349. We’re talking here about the regular prices and not any promotional prices. These – as you can see in the screenshot above – apparently are in use every now and then.

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