Bassocontinuo presents Argo X


The new Argo X rack from Bassocontinuo provides a great place for your high-end hi-fi equipment.

High-end or at least better hi-fi equipment actually needs a rack of equal good quality. The new Bassocontinuo Argo X falls into that category. The shelves are made of carbon fiber, the same – and often life-saving – material that the safety compartment of F1 racing cars is made of. Extremely strong, therefore, and according to the manufacturer it prevents torsion, while also coping well with a continuous load and, as an added bonus, it dampens low-frequency vibrations. And all that with a thickness of only 1.7 mm. You can choose between an Argo X with two or three ‘shelves’. The feet and stand are equipped with isolation rings. More info at importer More Music, where the newcomer can be found here and here.

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