BTB Elektronik presents audiophile tubes

BTB Elektronik

There is still an army of tube enthusiasts, and a younger generation also picks up the occasional one. BTB Elektronik facilitates that target group.

New tubes in the year 2022? Oh well, why not. In any case, it is a very proven concept we can say. Moreover, they survive the dreaded electromagnetic pulse that a nuclear explosion generates. In case of such an event, that means you at can least listen to music afterwards. Anyway, the German manufacturer BTB Elektronik brings out a set of new and improved tubes. New is relative, because these are types that have proven trackrecords in electronics for many decades, namely the EL34, KT88 and 6550. The innovations consist of a carbonized cathode and anode. According to the manufacturer, this allows you to send high currents through the tubes, while their speed has gone up considerably too. And that in turn should lead to a higher musical handling power. The BTB EL34 S4A Carbon price starts at €48.80; the BTB 6550C S4A Carbon goes from €73.80 and the BTB KT88 S4A Carbon starts at €92.90.

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