Clearaudio Reference Jubilee draaitafel


Clearaudio has announced the Reference Jubilee, a new version of the original Reference turntable dating back to the 1980s.

Clearaudio’s new Reference Jubilee certainly stands out with its unusual appearance, just like its illustrious predecessor. New is an improved chassis that should reduce resonances even more thanks to the use of Panzerholz wood and aluminum. The turntable is made of 6 cm thick acrylic material. Under this plastic disk you’ll find an 8.5 kg sub-platter. The spindle of the platter ends in a friction-free magnetic bearing (Ceramic Magnetic Bearing). The speed of this sub-platter is precisely controlled by means of Optical Speed Control, a technique developed in-house by Clearaudio. The motor itself is also completely new, high-torque and equipped with a non-magnetic air core. The Clearaudio Reference Jubilee costs $21402.

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