ELAC Miracord 80 turntable


The new ELAC Miracord 80 turntable was premiered at this year’s High End Munich and is now available.

ELAC has released a new turntable that can be placed under the heading ‘high-end’. The Miracord 80 follows the line of the Miracord 90 and has, among other things, a 6 kilo heavy turntable. The 10-inch tone arm is made of carbon fiber: light and strong. The appearance is classic, with the manufacturer opting for a mix of wood(look), high-gloss lacquer and aluminum. The plinth, milled from one block of wood, also houses the electronics. An optional dust cover is available, which is usually not an unnecessary luxury. A PID-controlled DC motor should provide a very accurate speed. The ELAC Miracord and related items are priced as follows:

  • Without cartridge: €2199
  • With D96 cartridge: €2499
  • ELAC D96 cartridge separate: €299
  • Dust cover: €199

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