Heco Aurora 200P actieve speakers


With the new Heco Aurora active speakers, bits and bytes nor ‘legacy’ waveforms are a problem, thanks to both digital and analog inputs; even vinyl enthusiasts have been thought of.

Active speakers can be very convenient, because of the space they save. After all: no need for a separate amplifier and the like. Also ideal for in a study, as computer speakers. It’s all possible with the new Heco Aurora 200P, which are set up as a master-slave system. Inside the master speaker you’ll find a 2 x 35 Watt Class D power amplifier, as well as a Bluetooth 5.0 aptX capable receiver. In terms of physical digital inputs, you choose from HDMI (which makes them ideal as TV speakers, for example) and Toslink. Naturally, the analog connections are not missing either, go for Cinch or mini-jack. Nice detail: the cinch input can be switched between line level and phono. In other words: it’s possible to directly connect a record player without the intervention of a phono preamplifier, which is always handy.


As driver for the Aurora 200P Heco selected  a bass midrange driver with a diameter of 12.5 cm. Furthermore, a new 28 mm tweeter is used, with a surrounding circular waveguide. The price tag for a set of the new speakers is €749.

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