IsoTek with new power filters and power strips


Distributor IDC Klaassen informs us that IsoTek is releases new mains filters and sockets. Ideal components to power your hi-fi system with, as icing on the cake.

IsoTek presents the new V5 generation of its power strips and power filters. Compared to the previous generation, various innovations have been implemented. Distributor IDC Klaassen has conveniently listed these for you:

  • On/off switch
  • Now for all 3 power strips for 13 plugs
  • 45.000A instant short-circuit protection
  • Reduces radio frequency interference (RFI) now by 42 dB
  • System link output for connecting additional units/strips
  • Includes wall/floor mounting
  • Modernized design

If you want to deal with power failures directly at the source, good quality filters and power strips are recommended. Perhaps there is something to your liking among the new arrivals.

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