iXOOST speaker with AMG-grille


For AMG enthusiasts, there is now the iXOOST ‘AMG Performance Luxury Audio’, a speaker fitted with AMG grille.

Real car enthusiasts often don’t hesitate to collect everything related to that specific brand or item. Do you happen to be a car lover and AMG fan with some money to spend? Then the ‘AMG Performance Luxury Audio‘ by the Italian company iXOOST might be something for you. This manufacturer has already has more very special (and steeply priced…) unique speakers with an ‘automotive’ theme on their name. The AMG speaker (let’s just call it like that) has two 6-inch woofers and four 1-inch tweeters. These are driven by a 2 x 125 watt amplifier, preceded by the ‘beating heart’ in the form of a DSP. The price is not mentioned, but will, as often with these types of ‘artistic’ special editions, not be exactly low. So indeed for the real fanatics.

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