JohnVanGent new series of cables


JohnVanGent presents a new series of cables under the name Magic-Link Jubilee Edition.

After 20 years of experience, John van Gent has decided to release a special, high-quality series of cables. In this Magic-Link Jubilee Edition, according to him, all his craftsmanship and know-how can be found. This, according to the manufacturer, unique version of cabling is ‘composed of the very best components currently available on the market, such as the Silver/Gold of Mundorf, the pure Silver and 24KT Gold of Schone and the NCF Connectors of Furutech. No factory production, but all individual components assembled manually, with the greatest precision, into a beautiful product’.


Van Gent: ‘The Jubilee Edition can compete with the high-end cabling from the highest segment and at a competitive price’. On the site of John van Gent one can see the exact composition of the various cables and the prices. Good to know and to note in the agenda: the new line can be seen at the Dutch Audio Event – 8 and 9 October in Veldhoven.

Construction set RCA-RCA Magic-Link Jubilee Edition

‘The two Teflon Tubes, where eventually the conductors are pulled through, are equipped with a braided silk sleeve. These two Tubes are pulled into a silicone tube, where after they are provided with a silver braided jacket. The braid is on one side half a centimeter back into the interlink processed. This is to conduct any radiation back to the source, and not to the amplifier. This Silver Cloth is then also incorporated on the other side to the return conductor. Over the Silver Cloth a bleached cotton cloth is pulled over the entire Interlink. On top of this come another 3 cotton sleeves, on each side 10cm back from the tip, this is to later mount the RCA Connectors’, says manufacturer JohnVanGent.

Precious metal conductors

We are not there yet, because JohnVanGent continues: ‘Over these sheaths the braided tin-plated/plastic sheath is processed as a finish. This sheath is visually attractive but is also practical, since it is magnetically dynamic. For the conductors, three strands of high quality precious metal are used, namely: two strands of 24KT gold of 0.3mm and 1 strand of pure silver of 0.5mm. For the return guides, two strands were used, 1 strand of 24KT gold of 0.3mm and 1 strand of pure silver of 0.5mm. The return conductor is processed at one end on the silver plated jacket, which is mounted on the body of the RCA Connector. For this series of cables the best connectors have been chosen, namely Furutech’ CF-102 NCF. Just so you know!

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