Krell K-300p phono preamplifier


Krell has released a new phono preamplifier, the K300p. Can handle both MM and MC elements so versatile.

The Krell K300p phono preamplifier has separate inputs for MC and MM cartridges. The ohmic load can be set between 47 kOhm and 10 Ohm. The gain factor is also selectable as desired, up to a maximum of 62dB at 1kHz for the MC input. It means you can use a range of elements. The input stage is built with a hybrid integrated circuit in parallel with low-noise transistors and a Burr-Brown SoundPlus opamp. The MM input is built around a dual low-noise FET circuit. Here you can set the capacitive load from 0 to 680pF, with an also adjustable gain of up to 36 dB.

Precise RIAA correction filter

The RIAA correction filter in the Krell K-300p is constructed using, among other things, precise resistors and polypropylene film capacitors. This results in a precise frequency characteristic that does not deviate from the theoretical ideal characteristic by more than +/- 2 dB. A symmetrical wideband output stage with Krell Current Mode layout delivers the amplified signal to the outside world. The whole thing should be easy to operate, according to the manufacturer. The MM and MC inputs are located on the front of the device. A low-frequency filter can be switched on as desired, which blocks all frequencies below 14 Hz. A phase shift knob has also been considered. The Krell K-300p is available in a black or silver finish for a price of €8500. At the time of writing, no further information about the new phono preamp can be found on the manufacturer’s website. Will surely change soon.

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