LG presents T90 TONE Free in-ears


LG has presented its new flagship in-ears; the T90 TONE Free features Dolby Head Tracking, among other features.

Sound that ‘moves’ with the rotation of your head is another step up the ladder to immersive surround sound. LG has built this technology into its latest T90 TONE Free in-ears in the form of Dolby Head Tracking. This makes it the first wireless in-ear to have this trick (from Dolby, at least) on board. It’s compatible with all source devices thanks to an in-earbud ‘audio visualizer’ specially developed by Dolby. The head-tracking technology is similar to what you also find in, for example, the Apple AirPods or the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro. LG is also once again using Meridian technology in the T90 Free, in the form of Headphone Spatial Processing’ (HSP) from the latter manufacturer. This trick should lead to a soundstage that seems like you’re listening via speakers. Via Snapdragon Sound, a resolution of 24/96 is possible, while ANC provides the necessary tranquility.

Case as a Bluetooth transmitter

The playing time of the LG T90 TONE Free on a full battery is up to 9 hours, using the included charging pouch you can add another 20 hours off-grid listening. Nice detail: the case also contains a UV light source to keep your earbuds free of nasty bugs. And the case has yet another function, namely being a Bluetooth transmitter. Using the supplied AUX-to-USB-C cable, connect any line output to the case and you pick it up wirelessly with the in-ears. The Dutch price of the newcomer is unknown at the time of writing, but they should be available worldwide sometime starting this month. In the US, they cost $229.99.

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